1/10 Ultimate Madoka

1/10 Ultimate Madoka

Hello there. I decided to try blogging again! I think the last blog post I wrote was about four years ago?  I think I quit because I didn’t have any inspiration or a focus on what I really wanted to write about. With the recent growth of the figure collecting/figure photography community I decided to give it a try again! I’ll try to do a weekly figure or artbook review! (Well, depends on how busy I am though). But welcome and hope you stick around!

So for my first entry I’m doing a mini review of my 1/10 Ultimate Madoka!

Most people are probably familiar with the 1/8 Ultimate Madoka that was released before this. However, this version is bonus that was released along with a book series called Figure Japan. Looks like their selling point is throwing in high quality 1/10 figures along with the book. (well it worked)

1/10 Ultimate Madoka

The book itself was somewhat interesting. It featured photos of the Madoka figures that were released prior to the book’s publishing. And it contained some neat previews of Haregi Homura (which has since then been painted and put up for preorder). Probably what might interest some die-hard Madoka fans is an interview with Aoi Yuuki (the voice actress of Madoka). Sadly, my Japanese isn’t very advanced so I’ll have to get one of my friends to translate it for me. To be honest I was actually looking forward more to the figure… although the book was a nice bonus.

1/10 Ultimate Madoka

Compared to the 1/8 Ultimate Madoka I think I prefer this version. Even though she’s smaller you can tell that the quality control and production was very good. Unlike the 1/8 version there wasn’t as much assembly needed (although it took me awhile to figure out how to put in those wings). I also wasn’t too worried about breaking this one. I also like how her pose is more gentle and serene in this version. I probably should’ve done a side by side comparison of the two figures but I can save that for a future post.

1/10 Ultimate Madoka

Well that was my really short review but I really do like this figure! Because of her small size she makes a perfect desk companion (for now at least). Not sure if this issue of Figure Japan is still available but I do know that the next issue comes with a 1/10 Sakura Miku! If you look around someone might still be taking preorders.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “1/10 Ultimate Madoka

  1. Bubu-Chan says:

    I totally feel you! I started blogging around 2010 and stopped halfway through 2012 because of the “lack of inspiration” then I just felt like going back I guess..that was around December of 2013 up to now!

    I love your photos. You do make a very good figure photographer. I’m just a newbie in the feild of toy photography but not collecting though. I used to just stare at my collection but then like you said the sudden increase of this community flared me up as well XD I am being inspired by co-bloggers just like you!

    Keep up the good reviews (and photos). I’ll surely be looking forward to it XD lovelots :3

    • Stereometric says:

      I relate to this comment very much! I was also feeling a little uninspired and still trying to figure out what kind of photography and blogging style I was most comfortable with.

      Thank you for your comment! It makes me happy to know people enjoy my photos and also welcome to the community!

      Looking forward to more of your stuff as well!

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