Iori Minase Shines like a Diamond

1/8 Iori Minase

This week I’ll be doing a review on Phat’s 1/8 Iori Minase!

I’ve always heard about the Idolm@ster games but I never really got into the fandom until the anime aired in 2011. I instantly fell in love with the characters and music. Even then the only games I’ve played have been the Shiny Festa ones.

Megahouse has been making Idolm@ster scale figures for awhile now (I think they’ve covered most of their well-known outfits) but I wasn’t a big fan of the game character designs. So I hoped that eventually someone would make figures based off the anime designs and Phat delivered! I kind of regret not getting Hibiki, the first figure in this series, but when Iori was announced next I knew I had to get her because Iori is one of my favorites! Can’t resist that Rie Kugimiya tsundere voice.

1/8 Iori Minase

I’m really glad that Phat is doing their casual outfits! This is probably one of Iori’s best outfits because it fits her personal and character perfectly.

1/8 Iori Minase

They even included her stuffed bunny, Charles!

1/8 Iori Minase

Prior to getting Iori I’ve only owned one Phat figure and that was Atelier Meruru. In terms of quality Phat is a pretty decent company (I mostly collect from GSC, Max Factory and ALTER). However, I’ve noticed that their painting isn’t very smooth in some areas and there are some visible clumps here and there. But in terms of color choice and shading I think they do a pretty good job!

1/8 Iori Minase

I find it a little bit odd that she’s floating (and Charles is just floating in the air by her feet) but somehow it works really well for photos! Also, I didn’t take a lot of photos of the base because honestly I’m not a huge fan. It’s simply a clear circle with the 765 PRO “Angel A” logo printed in pink. I think the base could’ve been more artistic to fit with the atmosphere of the figure.

1/8 Iori Minase

Overall I’m pretty satisfied with this figure! I think Phat did a great job in translating the anime character designs and from what I’ve seen the faces of their Idom@ster figures have been translated pretty well so far. If you’re an Idolm@ster fan, I recommend adding Phat’s figures to your collecting! I think the next figure I’m gonna grab is the Miki they just announced at Summer Wonfes a week ago.

If anyone was wondering about the post title: I was listening to one of Iori’s character songs, DIAMOND, while writing this post.


2 thoughts on “Iori Minase Shines like a Diamond

  1. Miette-chan says:

    Ah, good ol’ tsun tsun “deko-chan”. I thought about buying this figure for a while but I decided to skip out because of no moneys. I like the figure quite a bit, I prefer as well the anime aesthetic so I was quite taken by it. Makes me a bit sad I had to pass on her.

    I like the lighting in the photos, looks so nice and soft. What are those lights in the background, I think those would be great for some nice bokeh.

    • Stereometric says:

      Thank you! So the lights are little LED christmas lights that I bought for my miniature christmas tree at an after christmas sale. I decided to experiment and see what they’d look like in the background and I like the effect!

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