Animefest 2014

Hey everyone! Sorry I missed out on last week’s post. I was busy making preparations and con crunching for Animefest.

For this post I’m taking a break from my usual figure reviews and instead I’ll post a short writeup of my experience at Animefest this past weekend!

Animefest 2014

Animefest is one of the two major conventions in downtown Dallas (the biggest and probably most well known is A-kon). I’ve been going to Animefest for about four years now and it’s always been (and still is) my favorite local convention. There are many things that I really like about this convention but I think the best part about it is the size. The attendance for Afest has traditionally been around 5000-7000 but with the date change and major Japanese guest announcements they managed to hit the 10k mark this year.

I was originally going to go on a convention hiatus after A-kon 25 due to graduate school and also I’m hoping to save up to go to AX again this year. However, Afest announced FLOW as their musical guest and moved the date two weeks earlier so I figured I could squeeze in one more convention before school. I’m glad I went because this is probably one of the best Afests I’ve been to in a while.

Animefest 2014

I’m really glad that Afest decided to mail out badges this year. When I got to the convention, there were literally no lines and all I needed to pick up was my badge case and lanyard.

Animefest 2014
Even though Afest’s attendance grew a lot this year I think they did a great job with crowd control so I didn’t feel very overwhelmed.

Animefest 2014

Animefest 2014

Afest 2014
Thank you Miette-chan for the photo!

Probably the most exciting thing for me was hosting a panel on figure collecting! This was my first time doing a fan panel but it was a great first experience and I kind of want to do more of these now! I was surprised to see there was a line of people wanting to see our panel. I honestly thought the only people who would show up were my friends, but we ended up having had a really nice turnout (I think raffling prizes out helped haha). There were some technical difficulties at the beginning but everything turned out okay in the end. So what happened was my partner brought the prezi loaded up onto his lenovo tablet but when we got to the room we realized he only had an HDMI 2 mini and the room was only set up for HDMI. We tried calling the staff and they only had HDMI/mac cables on hand. We then had a friend quickly run up to his room to grab his laptop only to find that it wasn’t fully charged. Finally the lady in charge of running the audio thought of a clever idea of placing the tablet under a document camera. The presentation was blurry but it was better than not having a presentation. So remember the #1 rule of presentations: assume the technology is not going to work.

I posted a public link to the prezi here if you’re interested.

Animefest 2014

Animefest 2014

Afest is usually around the time that Dallas gets 90-100°F (~35°C) temperatures but we got 2 thunderstorms that weekend so the skies were overcast and it felt a lot cooler.

Animefest 2014

Great variety of cosplays as usual!

Animefest 2014

FLOW was really great! Their concert was a lot of fun and they performed most of their anime openings… they even performed Guren no Yumiya which was a nice surprise. There was a brief interruption because someone pulled the fire alarm in the middle of the concert but we got an all-clear and the concert was able to continue without a hitch. The next day was their Q&A panel and it was tons of fun and run very well! (Afest knows how to run Q&A panels well and their translators are always good) I’m sure someone has already uploaded a video on youtube somewhere.

Animefest 2014

I just realized all the hallway photos I took were of my friends… I guess that means I was really busy this year running around to different panels and doing photoshoots ^^;

Definitely had a great time at this year’s Afest! Time and money permitting, maybe I can visit again next year!


One thought on “Animefest 2014

  1. Miette-chan says:

    Afest was pretty cool, I really hope I can attend next year too. I feel a bit sad when I think of all the cool stuff I missed on the days I didn’t go.

    I do wish I had taken a better photo of the panel though, but I suppose short of standing up in front that wasn’t really possible from where I was sitting. I gotta say though, the technical difficulties made it more memorable, I will not forget the clever staff lady.

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