9/9 Happy Cirno Day!

9/9 Cirno Day

Happy 9/9 everyone! AKA Cirno Day or as some people like to call it “the strongest day”!

Instead of doing a review this week I’m simply sharing a few snapshots. Apologies for not keeping up with weekly posts. As some of you may know, I’m currently working as a highschool teacher this semester so most of my time has been focused onto that. However there are a few times where I’ve done enough prep work that I can squeeze in some photos.

I had Cirno sitting around for a while but I never took proper photos of her. I’ve always wanted to do a 9/9 post and I figured it now was a good time. It’s still 9/9 where I live heh.

9/9 Cirno Day
I used simple materials for the background: I picked out the white/blue crystal clear beads from my bead collection (which was kind of tedious) and lined the back of my lightbox with some blue tulle. I’ve seen a bunch of people use these materials before but for me this was kind of experimental first time but I love how it turned out!

9/9 Cirno Day
I need to use this faceplate more with my other nendoroids.

9/9 Cirno Day

Short post but thanks for reading!


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