Gatchaman Crowds Animation Note

Gatchaman Crowds Animation Note

Taking a break from my figure reviews and doing an artbook review this time around!

This week we will be taking a brief look at the Gatchaman Crowds Animation Note artbook/guidebook.

Gatchaman Crowds is a loose spinoff of the anime classic: Gatchaman and it premiered during the Fall 2013 season… but it was kind of overshadowed by more popular series that aired during the same season such as Kill la Kill. I picked up Gatchaman Crowds midway during the season and was instantly hooked after the first episode. There’s something unique about it that grabbed me: it was a combination the art style, music and story… mainly the art and music.

Anyways, I’m sure you came here to find out more about the artbook:

Gatchaman Crowds Animation Note

The first few pages at the beginning feature some artworks. I think my favorites are the clean version of the cover and these chibis!

Gatchaman Crowds Animation Note

The next major section are a bunch of character designs. I was surprised at how complete it was. I think they featured almost every single outfit each character wore during the series which is rare for these kind of guidebooks/artbooks. If you want to cosplay from Gatchaman Crowds this book definitely contains a lot of great reference images.

Gatchaman Crowds Animation Note

Speaking of outfits I think they featured almost every single one of Rui’s outfits. There’s even a bonus sketch by Kinako of Rui wearing the girls’ uniform! Also a side note even the background characters get a few detailed references!

Gatchaman Crowds Animation Note

The borderline surreal backgrounds in Crowds are probably one of the major factors that attracted me to this series. I’m really glad they compiled all the major backgrounds and some preliminary sketches into one section.

Gatchaman Crowds Animation Note

And what artbook is complete without an interview with cast/crew. The featured interview is with Maaya Uchida (the voice actress of Hajime) They also have brief interviews with the other cast members. My Japanese isn’t that advanced so it’s a bit difficult to read through this one.

Bit of a short review but I’m really glad I bought this book. If you’re a big fan of Gatchaman Crowds or want to cosplay characters from it I think this book is definitely a great item to add to your collection! I think there are still a few copies left on CD Japan

I also bought this book along with Kinako (the character designer) Design Works so I might do a review for that one next time.

You can watch Gatchaman Crowds on Crunchyroll


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