1/8 Momohime


I just realized I was supposed to make this entry last week but I was so busy that I didn’t have time to get around to it. However, better late than never, we’re taking a look at ALTER’s Momohime!


Momohime is definitely one of ALTER’s most well-known figures, possibly one of the most well-known figures of all time. I’ve always seen beautiful photos of Momohime but I finally got to see her in person and photos definitely don’t do her justice. This figure belongs to my friend so big thanks to him for letting us taking photos.


I think the first thing that caught my eye was how well-sculpted she is. Can’t expect anything less from ATLER.


The painting quality is also excellent! It’s very smooth and crisp… don’t think I saw a lot of noticeable “blobs”. I also love how ALTER used some really bright, vibrant colors.


I’m also impressed the details on their shield and hairpieces.


The posing on this figure makes it look like she’s in the middle of running or drawing her sword.


Sadly I didn’t take any photos of the base but it’s very nice and artistic! It looks like Momohime is standing on some waves. Downside is it seems that the base is made of soft material so it’s not as stable.

Well that was a short and quick review! Thank you again for stopping by. Next time we will be taking a look at GSC’s Karen Araragi!


3 thoughts on “1/8 Momohime

  1. Balance says:

    I’m fairly impressed with the quality of this figure. The only problem is that I don’t really know her or where she’s from so I refrained from ordering. I really do like the first image that you had posted. It’s an angle that most people don’t do (though understandably because it just doesn’t look as good) and most figures don’t really have a good pose for a side profile.

    I’m also impressed with the overall quality of the images on your blog here. I guess I’ll be dropping by every now and then.

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