Karen Araragi

Araragi Karen

As promised this week we will be taking a quick look at Good Smile Company’s Karen Araragi!

Araragi Karen

If you follow the Monogatari Series anime you will probably remember Karen as the older half of the Fire Sisters. In addition, she was the main focus of the “Karen Bee” arc and is featured in the infamous Toothbrush scene.

Araragi Karen

I feel like there’s not much to say about this figure despite the fact that the quality for this is pretty solid. Painting is smooth with no noticeable blotches and the sculpting is very faithful to the original art (good job, Good Smile Company). If you’re wondering what the source material is, she’s based off Akio Watanabe’s official illustration for the Nisemongoatari BD. My only complaint is due to the sculpting this figure looks awkward at certain angles.

Araragi Karen

I was pleasantly surprised that they included the steamroller from the official art! I was a bit concerned though when I first picked it up because of how light it was. At first I thought you simply lean Karen against it but there are 2 pegs at the base of the steamroller that allow you to attach Karen securely… sort of. I felt like I still had to be extra careful when I was transporting her to different locations to take photos. I’d feel a little better if the base was more solid.

Araragi Karen

Good Smile Company didn’t construct an entire streamroller for obvious reasons so they took a rather creative approach with their base. The base is simply a cross-section of a full one so if you angle your photos right it’s pretty convincing.

This was a bit of a short review. Due to how simple Karen’s figure is I feel like I should bring her to a construction site next time and take photos with a background that would suit her better. Despite that, I’m quite happy with my purchase and you should definitely consider adding Karen to your collection if you’re a Bakemonogatari fan.

As for next figure review I’m trying to decide who to focus on next. Haregi Homura? Or possibly the other half of the fire sisters, Araragi Tsukihi! Again, thanks for reading and stay tuned!


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