Haregi Homura

Haregi Homura

Hello again everyone. I’m on break now so I’ve been trying to catch up on some reviews.

As mentioned last time, today we will be looking at Aniplex’s Haregi Homura! You’ve probably seen these photos already since I posted them a few weeks ago on my facebook page but now I can finally write a proper review!

Haregi Homura

Unlike Maiko Madoka, this Homura scale figure was an exclusive to the Aniplex Store. Thankfully they opened US orders via Rightstuf so I managed to preorder her there.

Kind of an interesting tangent but this figure is not by Good Smile Company. Looking at the prototype sculpt and painting I just assumed this figure was a typical GSC Madoka figure. Instead, the only information I could find was that it was by “Aniplex”. However, I did some digging and apparently the production was done by a company called Stronger… I assume they probably have some sort connection to Good Smile?

Haregi Homura

I’m very much pleased with the quality of the figure. I was almost scared to take her out of the box because she’s that pretty. Probably the first thing I noticed when I looked at her is the painting. The painting was smooth and there were no noticeable blemishes or clumps. The colors are bright and compliment each other very well. My favorite part was probably the gold paint they used on her obi, it’s got a really nice shine and the quality is crisp. My only critique on the painting is that the designs on her kimono are obviously decals… this is to be expected from mass produced figures but I feel like they could’ve been printed smoother.

Haregi Homura

I took these photos near the start of fall at my school’s gazebo so she definitely looks well-suited for the location and lighting.

Haregi Homura

I like the shading on her hair. It’s got a sort-of greyish tone? I actually pictured her hair to be slightly darker but it still looks nice.

Haregi Homura

This is usually rare for me but probably my favorite part about this figure is the base. While the base itself is an average plastic disk I really like the detail that went into designing the graphic that goes on it. Seems like the design was inspired by a kimono pattern too. I do like this photo because photo shows how the bottom of the kimono and her sandals flow nicely into the pattern and color scheme of the base.

Maiko Madoka

I should’ve taken a photo of her right beside Maiko Madoka because they look nice together.

Anyways, I really love this Madoka kimono figure series a lot. It’s probably one of my favorite lines ever. I’ve already got Mami on preorder and they just announced Sayaka and Kyoko.

Haregi Homura

Thanks again for reading!
Not sure what I’ll be covering next time. Possibly the lovely Tsukihi by GSC or maybe my Hitagi by Kotobukiya. Either way, it’s most likely gonna be Monogatari themed!


3 thoughts on “Haregi Homura

  1. wieselhead says:

    She’s lovely, I really like the happy presentation of Homura (ˆ⌣ˆ)♡
    It’s a pretty figure from behind her leg part looks great and ladylike.

    The gloves and scarf give a feeling of the cold season and give the figure a certain appeal, Madoka’s design in comparison feels a bit sunnier.

    I agree with you the decals on her sleeves are a little “loud” maybe without the white rim it would look more classic. Anyway it’s still a really pretty Kimono, I like the colors of autumn.

    • Stereometric says:

      Me too! I think it’s rare to have a Homura figure where she’s smiling but I think she looks lovely.

      That’s an interesting observation how each of them correspond to a different season. I guess Mami might be spring-themed while Kyoko/Sayaka are summer?

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