1/7 Black Hanekawa

Black Hanekawa

It’s my first figure review in a couple of months as well as the first review of 2015. As I mentioned in the last review today we will be looking at ALTER’s 1/7 Black Hanekawa!

Black Hanekawa

The last few posts have been Monogatari-series themed and I’m continuing that trend by looking at another Monogatari heroine: Hanekawa! Well, more specifically Black Hanekawa who is one of the main antagonists of Bakemonogatari but┬áplays a prominent role in Nekomonogatari and the Tsubasa Tiger arc.

I was pretty surprised that ALTER was releasing Monogatari figures (previously they released this beautiful Senjyogahara that I regret not getting). While they don’t release them as frequently as Good Smile does I’m very satisfied being able to own figures the same character in different outfits and poses. I’m glad that ALTER decided to make Black Hanekawa rather than normal Hanekawa in her school uniform.

Black Hanekawa

As usual ALTER impresses me with the quality of their sculpting and painting! The painting looks really crisp and I haven’t run across any noticeable blots. The sculpting is also smooth and they’ve kept the seamlines pretty concealed.

Black Hanekawa

Most of the Black Hanekawa figures on the market feature her well-know orange cat pajamas, however I loved that ALTER decided to give her a more dynamic pose. Most of the Hanekawa prize figures I’ve seen just had to standing but I really love how this Hanekawa is on all fours and seems ready to pounce.

Black Hanekawa

I think the folds of the clothes and how the pajamas are slipping off one shoulder definitely add to the liveliness of this figure.

Black Hanekawa

I have some rather mixed feelings about the base of this figure. I like that it looks like a paved street (it even has a manhole) and gives the figure a more urban feel. I also like that there are little white cat paws decorated around the base. My only confusion is probably how the street is on a weirdly angled platform. I feel like it would look better if it was kept as a pave street without the grey platform.

Black Hanekawa

Hanekawa’s hair is HUGE! However it’s really detailed and looks windblown. From this angle you can sort of see seamlines between the eats and the head but otherwise it’s not as noticeable from the front.

Black Hanekawa

I think my favorite part about this whole figure is the ears. I love how detailed and furry they look! Or maybe it’s just because I love animals. But for sure Black Hanekawa’s character design is definitely one of my favorites from the series!

Black Hanekawa

So that’s the conclusion of my review for Black Hanekawa. Rather than continue on with the Monogatari figures I decided for the new few weeks to possibly concentrate on Idol figures! Cinderella Girls recently aired for the Winter 2015 season and I’ve been dying to finally take photos of Rin and Uzuki. I also recently purchased Good Smile’s Honoka too. I also haven’t done another artbook review so possibly gonna take a look at the Wake Up Girls! visual collection!

Thanks for reading and look forward to the idol-themed posts!


5 thoughts on “1/7 Black Hanekawa

  1. Balance says:

    The figure looks really great! I wish I could get some nice natural lighting like you do here, but it’s pretty rare from where I live.

    If there is one thing that I would like to complain about is the level of depth in some of the pictures. Hanekawa’s head, in some of the pictures, are the only things in focus while everything else is blurred. This kind of creates a severed look creating the illusion as though her head is just randomly floating there (More noticeably the first two). I would at least bump up the f-stop a little bit.

    Nevertheless, the angles are all really nice and the pose really sets up for an interesting array of possible shots to take with her.

    Nice grab and good pictures!

    • Stereometric says:

      It’s rare to get a sunny day around here so I was fortunate enough to have one day where it was warm and I took advantage of it.

      Appreciate the critiques! I myself am still trying to figure out what the best amount of blur I should go for. I’ll try our your tips next time!

      • Balance says:

        You’re welcome! As far as best amount of blur goes, you want to at least make sure that your subject is in focus. The second to last image is almost the perfect amount (but you can see the hands are blurred; it’s almost as though you want us to stare right into her chest… unless that was the point ahaha). I think you’ll just eventually get the feel and know what’s best after enough practice.

        Have you also ever thought of using Disqus for your comment system? I’ve got a few friends to use it and they agree that it’s pretty useful and it definitely helps against spam too. There are some neat features such as being able to reply to a comment in your email by responding to the email (if you’re a person that is out often and don’t have immediate access to a computer). Just a thought.

  2. wieselhead says:

    I like this figure, it has an interesting design with this pose and huge hair.
    The outfit with her pajamas it’s quite unique and it’s good that it also shows some skin ^^, it makes her more lively and fits the character. The figures appearance is mainly cute, It’s cool that she looks a little evil, too. This makes her actually really pretty in my eyes..

    • Stereometric says:

      Definitely agree with all the qualities you’ve mentioned. I love how ALTER’s figures seem simple at first but when you see how much work they put into the details all of their figures are works of art!

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