Glitter Paper

Kousaka Honoka

If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook, you’ve probably seen some behind the scenes photos of my latest projects! I’ve been experimenting around with some glitter paper backgrounds! I bought these a while back during a Michael’s scrapbook sale (it’s a good time to get supplies for your dioramas) I know a lot of idol groups use glittery backgrounds during their photoshoots or music videos so why not the same for figures? And scrapbook paper is the perfect size for almost all scale figures! Tell Your World

Earlier this month I experimented with World is Mine Miku as well as Lat-type Miku!

Tell Your World

While the the glitter background is really pretty, I think they’re suited for specific kinds of figures… like characters from Idol series.


The basic set up to achieve this effect is using a handheld mirror (purchased from Daiso) as a reflector, a desk lamp place underneath the figure (diffused using either white fabric or tracing paper) and playing around with an external flash or ambient light.


The rest of these photos were taken to celebrate Honoka’s birthday, which is August 3rd! To get the orange-ish glow (Honoka’s image color) I used 2 x10II King Blades set to orange and placed them underneath her (found another use for them besides concerts)

Kousaka Honoka

I wonder if Good Smile Company plans to make figures of the other girls? Because this Honoka turned out really nice and it would be a shame to have her be alone.

Kousaka Honoka

There were a lot of people celebrating Honoka’s birthday on twitter! Lots of fanart and people making Honoka shrines lol

Kousaka Honoka

I posted a lot more photos onto my Flickr account but I think you’ve probably seen enough glitter photos for a while.

While this post wasn’t really a review I thought you all would enjoy seeing what I was up to! I might do another artbook review next since I haven’t done one of those in a while. Plus, I just received Nishigori Atsushi’s Telegenic! artbook

5 thoughts on “Glitter Paper

  1. Miette-chan says:

    This was one of those ideas I wanted to try out. I was planning on buying Ques Q’s Erio and use a glittery backdrop to make a glittery night sky. In the end I never had the chance to buy the figure and try it out.

    Your photos look super nice and glittery, definitely something worth trying out.

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