1/7 NicoMaki Valentine’s

Valentine's NicoMaki

Happy Birthday, Nishikino Maki! in honor of her birthday today’s review is a special review of ALTER’s 1/7 NicoMaki!

Those who know me probably already know how much I LOVE ALTER. I can practically gush all day about their sculpts, paint quality, etc. ALTER is one of those companies I usually “instant-buy” when they come up with sculpts for my favorite characters.

Prior to this pair, ALTER just finished up their series of µ’s figures based off popular UR designs from LLSIF. I thought I was safe and then they started doing popular UR pairs/trios (They’ve made RinPana, 2nd years, and are working on an Nozomi/Eli prototype)

Valentine's NicoMaki

Anyways, the valentine’s outfit set is definitely one of their most popular outfits, probably due to its simplicity and cuteness (probably one of the most cosplayed too). I was surprised they were not doing the idolized version but I’m guessing ALTER did not want to deal with building that elaborate stage & swing set.

Valentine's NicoMaki

Unlike the last few UR pair figures, Nico and Maki were sold as a complete set! Probably an interesting detail is how they handed their hands: normally most figures will come with 2 alternate hand attachments (separated hands and “together” hands). For this figure, ALTER did something clever and kept the hands attached but on a “rotating ball joint”. Therefore it gives you a lot of flexibility in adjusting the hands until you get it just right, and  you can move them around without the fear of damaging the plastic.

Valentine's NicoMaki

Seeing how Nico x Maki is one of the most popular pairings for µ’s, I can definitely see this set being added to sometime’s shrine collection.

Valentine's NicoMaki Valentine's NicoMaki

The valentine’s outfits are the more “simpler” idol outfits in the game but the way ALTER handles the little details is really what makes all their figures special.

Valentine's NicoMaki Valentine's NicoMaki

I took closeup shots of the their chocolates to show just how much love was put into this figure. Such as painting the details on the ribbons, chocolates candy bag… even a small decal of a gold “happy birthday” on Maki’s box!

Valentine's NicoMaki

I loved how they handle the skirts as well! The slight folds mimic how a pleated skirt naturally drapes in real life! Depending on the company or sculptor, some of them will usually go for a “flat” skirt. When we are talking about 1/8-1/7 scales, those folds and drapes are somewhat negligible when we are looking at overall figures… But looking at it close up like this really just shows how much detail and planning was put into this set.

Valentine's NicoMaki

I also love the way they handed the gold trim as well. Most companies would have probably settled for a simplified version and do solid scallops… but ALTER took time to sculpt hollow lace to match the original art.

And then the crisp “Happy Valentine” detail on Maki’s blouse? The heart buttons for her pockets? Simply wonderful.

Valentine's NicoMaki The collars also sport the trim detail!

Valentine's NicoMaki

Finally, it’s so minor but after examining the gold shoulder decals you can really see how they tried their best to incorporate as many as the small details as possible!

Thank you for reading this week’s review!  Hoping to work on another one for next week!

2 thoughts on “1/7 NicoMaki Valentine’s

  1. wieselhead says:

    Awww, I love figure combinations like this. to be honest I was only interested in Nico from the set at first, but combined like this it’s just adorable with both together.

    It’s cool how Maki looks bold in this adaptation and Nico is shy. The holding hands aspect is just so cute. Their outfits are great, I like the small variations it shows on both characters. The deep red and cream color combination is very appealing. The outfits look innocent and sweet, but when you look from behind the skirts are so short lol.

    If I would be nitpicky I would say they should have placed Maki’s winking eye on the other side, sometimes a shadow is cast above her open eye which is unfortunate. In your pretty pictures it’s not noticeable, but I noticed when I had them on my desk for some weeks.

    I wanted to post their review last year, but the pictures didn’t turn out as I intended. I recently took new pictures so I will try to publish their review this June.

    Oh there’s a Umi/Eli prototype? I have to check this out ^^

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