1/7 ALTER’s Miria & Chie


Hello again with another figure review! I am attempting to try and do 2 reviews a month so we’ll see how that goes. Today we will be looking at ALTER’s figures of Miria Akagi and Chie Sasaki in their YES PARTY TIME outfits.


Unlike Nico/Maki from a few weeks ago, these 2 figures sadly do not come in a set but regardless I’m glad these outfits are getting high quality figures (Kotobukiya you made a valiant effort). I am suspicious that ALTER may eventually make figures of Kaoru, Momoka and Nina… although I highly doubt it

Already at first glance you can see how detailed the sculpts are as expected from ALTER’s quality.





Already off the bat I noticed the figures faithfully reproduced the poses from the original album art! Miria actually also comes with the “both eyes closed” face but to make things symmetrical I swapped it out with the winking face for these photos.




As always I appreciate the little details ALTER didn’t necessarily need to incorporate such as the ball chains, the buckles and even the little studs on their outfits!


Details were also added onto the boots such as the tears and studs! Normally I feel like tiny details like studs often get shafted on paint jobs because of how minor they seem yet ALTER managed to make sure these tiny sphere had optimal quality control; painting is even and neat!


Lastly, probably my favorite detail is the crown! Another detail that always seems to be overlooked: hair accessories. Again the painting is quite neat and the little details like the tire spokes are visible.  It always amuses me how the crown has the motif of a pumpkin carriage-they are the “Cinderella Girls” after all!

I hope you enjoyed this mini reviews. If you are a fan of the *ahem* unit or just the YES PARTY TIME outfits in general you may want to consider this set.

I have another review coming up again next weekend and it will also be Cinderella Girls Themed (I own too many idol figures)

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