Racing Miku 2018 – Aquamarine

Racing Miku 2018

Welcome to this week’s bi-monthy figure review. Today we are looking at Racing Miku 2018 produced by Aquamarine!

Racing Miku 2018

I would say 2017 and 2018 Racing Mikus are some of my favorite designs. Mainly because they managed to get 2 well-known artists. Tony Taka (Shining series) did 2017 while Hiro Kanzaki/Hanasoumen-P (Oreimo, Eromanga Sensei) did 2018.

I find it very fitting that Kanzaki was able to do the illustrations/design for a Racing Miku seeing how he is a big Miku fan and producer himself. The face is distinctly his artstyle although sometimes it feels that the eyes are a little too big on this particular figure; but it’s not that bad.

Racing Miku 2018

As for the figure itself this one is not produced by Max Factory or Good Smile but by Aquamarine! I’ve owned quite a few Aquamarine figures and production quality isn’t too bad. They definitely did a good job capturing the sprit of her base art.

Racing Miku 2018

While I wish Aquamarine used the transparent plastic for Miku’s hair, I am still very satisfied with how clean the paint job was.

Racing Miku 2018

I am pleasantly surprised how detailed the sceptre is! Overall, a smooth gold finish.

Racing Miku 2018

Racing Miku 2018

I see minor paint splotches here and there but at first glance overall quality is great. I think they did a great job with the gradients such as the one on her pleated skirt and hair.

Racing Miku 2018

My favorite part of the outfit is actually the bow in the back! I love huge bows but I appreciate they gave it a nice contract by using a glossy navy coat. The decals also turned out very crisp.

Racing Miku 2018

A side note: I think out of all the Racing Miku outfits this one definitely translated the best into the real-life race queen outfits.

Overall very happy with this figure as it matches the simple base art and has great production. Unfortunately, I don’t remember if I ever ordered the Good Smile version which is in a very dynamic pose but I would like to see how their interpretation compares. I also have the Summer Version on preorder by Max Factory so at least I can compare that one side by side with the Aquamarine version.

If the photos piqued your interested, I believe this one is still on sale at the Good Smile online shop.

Thank you again for reading! Hope you visit again for my next reviews for June!

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