1/7 Frederica Miyamoto – Phat

1/7 Frederica Miyamoto

This week we will be looking at a mini review of Phat’s Frederica Miyamoto!

1/7 Frederica Miyamoto

The sculpt for this figure is based on the Devil Maid card from the mobage/starlight stage!

1/7 Frederica Miyamoto

Was a little surprised to see this figure in 1/7 as I was afraid the weight would keep it from properly balancing on the table.

1/7 Frederica Miyamoto

I thought Fred would actually come attached to her base but Phat did some clever engineering. Underneath the pink crushed velvet is a raised plastic attachment that contours to Fred. I will say it’s not 100% stable but if you don’t plan to move this figure around it does the job.

1/7 Frederica Miyamoto

Phat’s quality is sometimes a hit or miss. They have been improving on their sculpts but the painting usually ends up having some quality control issues.

The painting for this Frederica figure is flat at best… I wish there was more shadows/highlights added to give it more definition.

1/7 Frederica Miyamoto

You cannot see it very well due to the blur effects used to stack my focus layers but I found a lot of paint splotches and scuff marks. The photo actually makes the paint job look smoother than it actually is….

As a frills fans, I wish the frills were a little big more defined but from an overall standpoint they aren’t too bad.

1/7 Frederica Miyamoto

Overall, I am just happy to have a Frederica figure in one of her cuter outfits. I have the Tulip outfit by Licorne which I will eventually get to reviewing but I hope a company ALTER considers making a figure based of her iconinc Avenue Mode outfit?

Hope you enjoyed this short review. I have another figure reviewing coming up this month! Hope you stay tuned for that one!

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