1/7 Halloween Yohane – ALTER

1/7 Yohane

For the 2nd figure review of June we’ll be taking a look at Halloween Yohane by ALTER!

Trying something a bit different and using the caption option for images!

For those of you that play SSIF you probably recognize this outfit as Yohane’s first idolized UR! Fitting that they decided to use the halloween themed outfit for her figure!

1/7 Yohane

Alternate profile view

As usual I’m impressed by Alter’s details. The original illustration has a slightly different face, however I am glad Alter decided to revise it. (In my option the original all makes her look a little drowsy) Despite that, I am impressed they did not take any shortcuts when it came to adding the tiny details of her outfit.

I love how Yohane’s dress shows off the hoop skirt “cage crinoline”. There’s something gothic about having it as part of the design and very fitting for Yohane. I appreciate all the tiny details on her skirt such as the gemstones and the gold spiderwebs. You can also see tiny details of the lace!

Obviously you need to handle this figure very carefully but the cage crinoline was flexible enough that I did not fear it snapping easily.

1/7 Yohane

Crazy details on the wings!

Again, Alter did not necessarily need to go hard on the details but they did! My favorite part is honestly the gold lace and gold pipping on her bodice. You can kind of see it in this photo but also the natural folds of Yohane’s sleeves give it an extra bit of realism.

1/7 Yohane

Boot details

Probably the most fun was the boots! Like I mentioned, the card art cuts off right at her feet so I am sure there was a little bit of interpretation needed. However, impressed by the little details they included in these boots!

This was probably the most pictures I have taken for a review but I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed this Yohane figure! Definitely a must-have for Yohane fans!

See you in July for another set of bi-monthly reviews!

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