1/8 Hatsune Miku Winter Heroine Ver.

1/8 Miku Winter Heroine Ver.

Here is the first bi-monthly review of July! Today we will be looking at this 1/8 Hatsune Miku Winter Heroine Ver by Max Factory!

1/8 Miku Winter Heroine Ver.

It almost feels strange to see a 1/8 figure as most of them are 1/7 scale now. About decade ago 1/8 was the popular scale that all figure manufacturers made but looking at them now seems so small.

However, despite how big this Miku’s box is, I can see why they decided to opt for a smaller scale. While the body itself is small, the box accounts for how large this particular Miku’s hair is.

1/8 Miku Winter Heroine Ver.

So this particular design is based off a collaboration with the Rage of Bahamut mobile game. For a short period players could collect limited Miku cards.

1/8 Miku Winter Heroine Ver. I am one of the unfortunate collectors who has decided to collect some the thousands of Miku figures that are produced each year. However, I do appreciate that this Miku has a rather unique design. First off with the greenish hair as opposed to her trademark blue (turqoise, blue-ish green?). I also love the modifications to her iconic outfit with the gold & white blouse and lace trimmings.

As always, Max Factory has fun with the transparent gradient hair effects.

1/8 Miku Winter Heroine Ver. One of the problems I had with this figure is the paint job, you can see it especially in Miku’s hair. I am not sure if it’s because it’s tricky to keep a smooth consistency with the pearl paint but I definitely noticed a lot of splotchy areas. The crevices especially seemed to have “pools” of paint that weren’t smoothed out before drying. 1/8 Miku Winter Heroine Ver.

Normally Max Factory has very good quality control but I felt that this figure fell short of that.

1/8 Miku Winter Heroine Ver.

While it’s a nice figure, there is something about the size that makes me very cautious in handling it. It feels so light and delicate.

1/8 Miku Winter Heroine Ver.

Rise of Bahamut Miku is quite a nice design but I felt that this Miku coming from Max Factory was subpar at best. If you’re a huge Miku fan, she would be a great addition to your collection. However, if you are on the fence I personally would pass this once and save money for a better quality 1/7 one instead.

1/8 Miku Winter Heroine Ver.

Normally I’ve got at least 2-3 posts already backlogged and ready to go but I am currently in the middle of moving so it’s been a little hard trying to find time to take pictures.
However I do hope to get the second review out by the end of this month so look forward to it! Otherwise you can find me on Twitter!

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