9th Anniversary Love Live Collab Cafe


Hello it’s been awhile since I’ve updated my blog (3 years since last update?) but with current events I figured it’s as good a time as any to at least do something with it. I’ll be updating with a figure review later this week.

For today’s post I figured I should share some photos I’ve had on my computer that I never really finished editing. Earlier this year I went back to Japan for a really short trip to see Love Live Fest! I still don’t think I can really put down my experience into words but I’m sure if you dig around my Twitter long enough you might be able to find some of my reactions.

During those short 5 days we managed to squeeze some time into our schedule to visit the Sega collab cafe!  This post is mostly gonna be the photos I took:

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Aqours 1st Live – Impressions


Hello everyone! I realize it’s been years since I last updated my blog. I’ve actually taken a lot of figure photos since my last entry but somehow I never got around to blogging about them (you can find the photo archive on my social media)

However, yesterday I attended the Dallas screening/”Live Viewing” of the Aqours First Live concert! The entire event was such a memorable experience that I wanted to at least jot down some of my thoughts and impressions.

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