Glitter Paper

Kousaka Honoka

If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook, you’ve probably seen some behind the scenes photos of my latest projects! I’ve been experimenting around with some glitter paper backgrounds! I bought these a while back during a Michael’s scrapbook sale (it’s a good time to get supplies for your dioramas) I know a lot of idol groups use glittery backgrounds during their photoshoots or music videos so why not the same for figures? And scrapbook paper is the perfect size for almost all scale figures! Continue reading

May blossoms


Seems that I haven’t updated this blog in forever! Most of my time this month was dedicated to wrapping up my semester (tests and projects and whatnot). Likewise, we’ve been getting an unusually amount of rain lately so it was hard for me to find time to shoot some outdoor photos. However on the two days that it didn’t rain I managed to get some photos of Sonico and King Arthur with a few flowers!

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Springtime 2015


Apologies! It appears it’s been a while since I last updated this blog. The main reason is that most of my time is dedicated to graduate school. Sometimes you have to put your hobby on hold in order to concentrate on more important things and I believe that is quite alright. Another reason was because we had a rather long winter this year so working around the weather proved rather difficult. All was not in vain because it did give me an opportunity to experiment with indoor setups, though.

Finally this past week we got warmer weather! I decided to take advantage of spring’s arrival and visit the arboretum to snap some photos.

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Haregi Homura

Haregi Homura

Hello again everyone. I’m on break now so I’ve been trying to catch up on some reviews.

As mentioned last time, today we will be looking at Aniplex’s Haregi Homura! You’ve probably seen these photos already since I posted them a few weeks ago on my facebook page but now I can finally write a proper review!

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