Wake Up, Girls! Visual Collection

Wake Up Girls Visual Collection

I haven’t done an artbook review in a long time. So for this week I’m taking a break from my usual figure posts and we’re gonna take a quick look at the Wake Up, Girls! Visual Collection!

The theme for the next couple of weeks will be “idols” so I’ll try and showcase idol-related goodness. Let’s go WUG-chan!

Wake Up Girls Visual Collection

The Wake Up, Girls! Visual Collection is a 25-paged full-color artbook! The textless illustrations come from many sources such as Blu-ray covers, album colors and other promotional images! I was surprised at how pretty comprehensive it was. I loved the artwork they used for the Blu-ray covers so it’s finally nice to have glossy textless versions.

Wake Up Girls Visual Collection

To be honest I got into WUG a little bit later. When the original key visuals were released I wasn’t sure about the show because the character designs for the girls seem to share similar faces… Later I decided to marathon it after hearing good reviews from my friends and I enjoyed it! (then again, I kinda like most idol shows) I kinda of wish I got into WUG sooner because the voice actresses performed live at last Anime Central.

Wake Up Girls Visual Collection

And don’t worry I-1 Club fans your favorite members get some artwork pieces included too!

Wake Up Girls Visual Collection

Probably my favorite WUG outfits! They’re so cute!

Wake Up Girls Visual Collection

And here’s some more I-1 Club art! These are taken from their singles: Little Challenger and First-Rate Smile!

Not shown are the last few pages feature portraits of all the voice actresses of the WUG girls! And they’re super cute. Now I kinda wish I made the trip to see them live…
The artbook also came with a nice clear poster too (which sadly I forgot to take a photo of)

Well, that was a quick review of the artbook but it’s so pretty that I didn’t want to give away the rest of it. If you’re a fan of WUG this is a definitely a great addition to your collection! (Are there any readers who are WUG fans?)

It’s not to late to get into Wake Up, Girls! Especially with the movie coming out this summer! I believe you can watch the movie and episodes on crunchyroll.

Tune in next time for hopefully another review! Keeping up with the idol theme I plan to showcase something Cinderella Girls related since the anime is airing this season! Thanks again for reading!

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